Take care of yourselves first, ladies. “Put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others”. I don’t know how often you fly, but this statement is made during the pre-flight briefing every time. A similar reference can be made for tithing. Give your first 10%.  These statements are so relevant for self care. As women and moms, we are often responsible (or feel like we are) for the well being of our families. We have to make sure the kids have everything they need, get to where they need to be, meals are prepared, the house is clean, AND go to work. Husbands/dads are usually the accomplices, but we are the orchestrators. And it can be overwhelming.

Whatever it is that you enjoy, make sure you carve out time for yourself every day to do this. Whether it’s an early morning run, sitting quietly with a cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle, meditating, or a class at the gym, it is so important to do this for yourself. In order to be operating at optimal capacity, you need to be in optimal condition. And taking time for yourself every day will optimize you.

Sometimes this means letting go of things. Many of us are control freaks. It won’t get done right if we don’t do it ourselves. And in today’s world of social media, the pressure to do it all and do it perfectly can be even more intense. I tell people all the time that I had to lower my standards in order to survive. The pressure I felt for everything to be perfect was self imposed. I slowly gave up on the little things. And guess what?  Nobody else cared!

At the end of the day, this life you have is all about YOU. Your family, your happiness. It has nothing to do with your neighbor down the street who you think IS doing it all. Guess what. She isn’t. And if she is, she’s miserable. And so is her family, but you won’t see those pictures on Facebook!

Take the time to do something for yourself every day. You will feel better and be a better mom/wife/human, I promise you. It likely means that your going to have to let some stuff go. You can, you should, and no one else is going to care. What they are going to care about is how much calmer you are. How much better you are at what is important. Give your first 10% to yourself, and watch what happens!

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