Let’s face it. We all know what things we should be doing to live a healthy, balanced life. We go to the doctor and they tell us about whatever it is that we have going on and tell us what we should be doing. If we could just do it, that would be great. But often times we can’t. Or won’t.  I’ve heard one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So why do we continue to “educate” our patients this way?

Part of what you learn to master when you become a certified health coach is “eliciting change talk”. What this means is, that rather than telling someone what they need to do to change behaviors, you become an active listener and provide feedback to that person. Engaging someone in talking about changing behavior makes them more likely to actually change. And the more they talk about change, the more likely they are to change. I just had an epiphany about this. Regarding myself. And the changes I have begun to make in my life.

For me, my current goals have been around making a change in my career. I’ve thought about it for a long time, but didn’t quite know how or what I could do about it. And I was afraid. Once I started saying out loud, to other people, that I was building a business, it actually started to happen!  And the more I talk about it, the bigger it is becoming!  Verbalizing my goals has pushed me to act.  I’m beginning to feel excitement rather than fear.

Change can be scary. Even if we know it’s good for us, or the right thing to do. Sometimes we just don’t know how to get started. A health coach can help someone through their process, provide support, and make change feel less scary.  This process offers a greater chance of success than a traditional “do as I say” approach.

If there is something that you need or want to change in your life, saying it out loud makes it more likely to happen. And the more you say it, the more you can manifest it. Take if from me, I’m using the services of an excellent health coach!

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