I’ve been delinquent on the blog posts.  And I apologize. But I don’t. I’ve been spending my time learning how to be a podcaster.  Because in the long run, I think the time I’ve been spending on podcast lessons will be more beneficial to more people, than me writing a blog post. I will be getting back to that more regularly soon.

Podcast. What the F is that anyway? And who am I to think I can do one? I started listening to podcasts a couple of years ago. My kids turned me on to Serial. Loved it. Then started listening to a variety of others while in the gym.  Through a series of random, but I think NOT coincidental encounters, I came upon a course that teaches podcasting. At a time when I was trying to figure out how to meld my profession with my desire to use my creativity to continue to help people (and save my back!).

 Okay, maybe you are starting to understand something about me. I’m a fighter, I never quit. I can totally get bogged down, but I don’t stay down. You can’t make me. Oh, and I love the F word. It has the most uses of any word I can think of…noun, verb, adjective, adverb…but I digress.

The podcast, called “The Healthcare Connection” is in it’s infancy. It will be a forum for the consumer (patient) to gather information to allow them to advocate for themselves or their loved ones. To learn how to ask the right questions based on who they are and what they want. To know that the “standard of care” may not be the best thing for them. To empower them to ask the questions they may be afraid to ask. Because the doctor “knows best”, doesn’t mean they know what’s best for you. And it’s ok to be the one in charge of your healthcare decisions. Because you know you better than we do.

I’m learning all kinds of stuff. Things I don’t understand. But I’m moving forward because I know I will figure it out.  And I’m going to help you figure it out too.  But I need your help.

Tell me what you would like to know when it comes to interactions with your healthcare providers. Tell me what you like. Tell me what you wish could be better. Tell me what you want to know but are afraid to ask. I will get the answers and share them. My goal is for everyone to be able to make their encounters with healthcare providers the best they can be. Based on what best means for you. Leave a comment here, or email me. I’m looking forward to your suggestions so I can get this podcast rolling!

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