Today I talk with Joy Johnston about her experiences with caregiver stress. Her dad was cared for by her mom when he was diagnosed with dementia. Six months after he passed away, her mom was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and she became The Reluctant Caregiver.

We talk about the issues her Mom experienced  as a caregiver for her Dad:

  • social isolation
  • lack of resources to be able to keep her Dad at home

and the the many struggles she encountered as a caregiver for her Mom:

  • geographical
  • financial
  • separation from nuclear family
  • the lack of resources available to help her care for her Mom

And she offers some great advice for those who will be providing care in the future. So Listen! Subscribe, rate, and leave a review!

Find her book:

The Reluctant Caregiver: Missives From the Family Caregiving Minefields h

And check out her blog:   The Memories Project 

And you can find her on Twitter:On Twitter:  @reluctantcare and  @joymemories

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