Dr. Sam Sugar is the co-founder the organization Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship (AAAPG). Their goal is to educate, advocate, and legislate against this “legal”, but so very immoral loophole in our court system, that allows ill intentioned professionals to take advantage of our most vulnerable population.

The fact that an elderly US citizen who has done nothing wrong can lose all of his/her rights and become a ward of the court simply by having  a hearing to determine “incapacity“, which is NOT A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS, is absolutely insane! What’s more, once a court appoints a professional guardian, it can be next to impossible to reverse this decision, and any costs associated with this are drawn from the assets of the elder.  This leaves the “ward” isolated from their family AND everything they own.  Dr. Sugar tells us that this situation happens most often as the result of a family dispute.  But this can happen to ANYONE.

Please share this post, this episode, and this information with everyone you know. It’s hard to believe this can happen in the US in 2018! But it does. I encourage you to read Dr. Sugar’s book to get the full story. Here are links to it and his organization:

Guardianships And the Elderly: The Perfect Crime


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