How do we help seniors be where they want to be without undo risk?  What level of risk is tolerable and who decides that risk? These  are some of  the $64,000 questions. At a rate of 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, there is a huge gap between what is currently available for senior living options and what is needed.  Can we de-institutionalize (is that a word?) the options for our aging population? And if so, how?

Check out this week’s episode where I talk with Keren Brown Wilson, the woman who came up with the concept of assisted living and opened the first assisted living facility in the US (in the state of Oregon) in 1981. Listen as she shares her story of the concept and  implementation of assisted living as her mother wanted it, to what it is today.

How do we get back to the simplicity of Keren’s ideal, based on her Mom’s requests?  This is another $64,000 question, and why I am doing this podcast. Please listen, share, and comment. We need to start a movement. C’mon baby boomers and your children. It’s time to start talking. We are running short on time and long on need.

Keren is the founder and president of the Jessie F Richardson Foundation, named for her Mom.  The foundation empowers communities, in resource constrained areas, to provide multi-generational support for underserved older adults.

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