Dr. Bud Hammes is the founder of Respecting Choices, an organization whose vision is to transform healthcare culture by integrating and disseminating best practices to achieve person-centered care. Through a small project to help health professionals talk with patients and families about advanced care planning, developed by Dr. Hammes at the Gunderson Health System in LaCrosse Wisconsin, back in the 80’s, the community underwent a culture shift.  By inviting patients and families to engage in conversation about end of life wishes and make a plan, they have had tremendous success with patient/family satisfaction AND decreased health care costs. The results of this support system were and are amazing. And should be emulated.

But there are a couple of barriers. Time. And money. The conversations about advanced care planning take time. And insurance companies don’t currently reimburse for these types of office visits, although I can’t for the life of me figure out why…

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