Scott Williams is a patient advocate. In fact, his title is Vice President of patient advocacy at EMD Sorono. He has both personal and professional reasons for his passion for supporting caregivers. He has faced the challenges of being not only a patient being supported by a family member, but also as a caregiver providing care for a family member. He is so involved in patient advocacy, that he has given a TED talk about it.

The three biggest challenges he faces as a carer are:

  • the strain of the logistics and planning of the long distance caregiver
  • the sacrifice of your own health/wellbeing
  • juggling/managing your own work/life/caregiver time

He feels, and I agree, that the challenges of caring for our aging society, is one of the largest healthcare issues of our time. Listen and hear about what his company is doing for their employees to support them in their roles as informal caregivers, and how they are taking a global look at how we can better support informal carers.

I firmly believe that he and his team are on the right track. The system we have in place is not only inadequate to provide  the amount of care that our aging population is going to need, but it is also not providing the KIND of care they(we) want. If we don’t start advocating, LOUD AND CLEAR, we are going to miss the boat. Please join us. We need a village. In fact, we need LOTS of villages.

Links to resources:

The International Alliance of Carer Organizations

EMD Sorono

Scott’s TED Talk

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