Toni is a 40 year-old woman with a career. She is also a wife,  a Mom,  and  a daughter. Three years ago, she never imagined that she would also be a caregiver to her now 69 year old mother.

Toni shares her story with us. The things she had to figure out the hard way, the challenges they still face, and the bright moments through all of it. She and her Dad have figured out a way to navigate the ups and downs. They have a “new normal”.

And she admits she is lucky. She had professional resources through her work as a behavior specialist working with disabled adults to point her in the right direction. She also has a supportive work environment. And with (finally) the approval of her Mom’s Medicaid application, they are able to have 24/7 care for her at home. Words of wisdom: PAY THE ELDER CARE ATTORNEY!

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Listen to her story. She really wanted to tell it in the hopes that it helps someone else know they are not alone.

Places she suggested to check in your local community for help:

With Medicaid application: Your local library

For Support groups: Senior Center or Adult Day Care Center

And the best thing to have for a loved one who isn’t able to transfer: An electric reclining chair!

A great resource for information on Alzheimer’s is Jean Lee. Here’s a link to our talk and her resources:

Alz Authors

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