Diane Omdahl is a registered nurse and a medicare expert. Through her company, 65 Incorporated she uses her extensive experience to provide seniors and their family members with unbiased advice regarding Medicare enrollment guidelines.

Through our conversation today, she made it very clear that there are many things to consider before signing up for  Medicare, as your choices at 65 may not be appropriate for your needs at 75. Paying for expert guidance prior to enrollment can save you thousands of dollars and/or costly mistakes that can be irreparable.

Things that factor into Medicare choices and when you should sign up:

  • working after age 65
  • employer having  more or less than 20 employees
  • HSA’s
  • Cobra
  • spouse continuing to work
  • drug plans
  • medical history

You’ll find a library of resources on her company’s website that can educate you, but I think there is probably nothing better than seeking out expert consultation for your parent(s) or your individual needs. Links to resources:

65 Incorporated

Facebook: @65Incorporated

Twitter: @65Incorporated

LinkedIn: 65 Incorporated

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