Lisa Betts-LaCroix is a podcaster, speaker, actor and dancer. She is also a busy wife and mother and a loving daughter. Lisa’s vibrant, healthy mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 78. She’s talking with me today about her experience as a caregiver as she, her father, and her mom’s best friend cared for her in the final stages of her life.

Lisa offers insight into her family’s hospice experience, the support of other family and friends and offers some words of advice about frequent flyer miles, having the tough conversations, and taking pictures.  She candidly discussed how scary it was to her to face death and dying because she had never been exposed to it so intimately before. And said that reading about death helped her with the process. She read: A Good Death   Being Mortal

She had wonderful things to say about The Temmy Latner Center for Palliative Care in Toronto and their home care doctor, Dr. Sandy Buchman

Lisa is the host of the podcast The Super Power U podcast. You can find it all things her at

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