Dr. Roger Landry and his cohorts at Masterpiece Living are on a mission to change how our society thinks about our senior citizens and the trajectory of aging. As a career flight surgeon in the USAF as well as a preventative medicine physician, it has been his life’s work to keep people healthy and performing at their best.

He, like many of us, understands the importance of this. Not only for the aging individual, but for our society as a whole. Through the work of The McArthur Foundation it has been determined that lifestyle and the choices we make have the biggest impact on successful aging. And that it is never to late to make changes to improve our trajectory. He says that social isolation and sedentary lifestyle increase your likelihood of developing heart disease, cancer, and dementia. He discusses all of this in depth in his book Live Long, Die Short .

We do not have enough systems in place to foster social connectedness and movement for our oldest citizens. That is going to need to change if we are to provide for our aging population. By providing these resources, we can directly impact healthcare costs. And Dr. Landry believes this is what it is going to take to get political movement.  None of this is rocket science.  He stated that healthcare costs are the single greatest threat to our nation. And soon, one in 5 people will be over age 65, so things are going to get worse unless we get this figured out. So start talking. And start moving. It’s good for you.

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