Caring Across Generations is an organization, a movement, that believes that planning for long-term care is not just personal. It’s political. According to their website, 70% of people over 65 are going to need some form of long term care for an average of three years. With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, thats A LOT of care. They are on a mission to bring the infrastructure of caregiving into the 21st century. And God knows it needs it!

Janet Kim,  the communications director for the organization says that this is one of the biggest problems that will shape us as a culture.  The group believes that sharing stories and connecting is critical to promoting policy change. And they are doing that.

The goals of Caring Across Generations are:

  • expanding choices for care and improving affordability
  • providing more support  for family caregivers
  • making sure that care jobs are good jobs with wages that professional caregivers can live on

Janet suggests a couple of documentaries regarding care:

On The Basis of Sex


She also suggests finding out what is going on in your state to address the issues surrounding this important topic. So listen to this episode. And get involved. Because it’s going to affect you in one way or another. You should have an opinion about this. And have your voice heard.

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