Cycling without Age was founded in 2012 by Ole Kassow in Copenhagen. It now includes chapters in 35 countries, with approximately 150 chapters in the US.
It was born of Ole’s desire to return mobility to seniors in nursing homes. To let them feel “the wind in their hair”.  It has also had some amazing unintended side effects!
For the passengers getting back out into the community has:

  • brought joy and a sense of “normal” back
  • improved mood
  • promoted new relationships

For the volunteers (called pilots) this shared experience has:

  • helped develop new purpose in their lives
  • provided opportunity to learn history, from the people who lived it, in the place where it was lived
  • provided priceless resources of wisdom (and friendship)

To find out more about the program, list to Ole’s TED Talk

To find out how to start a chapter in your community or follow on social media, go to the website:

Cycling Without Age (US and Canada)

Cycling Without Age (International)

Instagram: #cyclingwithoutage

Facebook: Cycling Without Age

Or order the book: Stories from Cycling Without Age: Spreading Joy Around the World

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