At 27, Christina Britton Conroy, found herself responsible for the care of her 80 year old father as his physical health declined and he suffered with dementia. Twelve years of care that she never wanted to provide, led her down a path to professional caregiving.  Using her background in theater and music, she became a music therapist for seniors in a variety of settings. She continues to provide music therapy to many,  in spite of her role as a caregiver for her husband who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s dementia.

Through her years of experience as both a personal and professional caregiver, she has developed much insight. Her advice for caregivers:

  • Expect the expected
  • Take time for yourself
  • You will always feel guilty. Accept it and do the best you can
  •  Allow them to say “no”
  • Crying is necessary, and good

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How To Have Fun With Your Aging Parent

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