Modernizing and  medicalizing death is something our culture has become very good at. And there are both positives and negatives associated with this. Michael Hebb’s life experience with death, at an early age,  set him on a path that most of us don’t encounter until much later in life. What were devastating life experiences for a child,  molded Michael into a deep thinker. Someone who is able to help us all face difficult transitions. And conversations.

It is never too early to talk about death. Michael’s early life experiences  were, in part,  what prompted him to  launch “Death Over Dinner“, a program that utilizes the dinner table to have difficult conversations with our family and other loved ones about death. About how to honor our loved ones by following through with their wishes. This starts with conversations with them about what they would want if they were unable to verbalize them. He also believes that in having these conversations, it allows us to know ourselves better and deeply connect us with our “communities”, our family and friends that we would have these conversations with.

But with ~75% of people expressing wishes to die at home, yet only ~25% of people do, there clearly is a disconnect. Death Over Dinner  can help start these tough conversations. As a result of the many positive experiences of the  Death Over Dinner  movement, a book was born, which shares some of these great, inspirational stories. It’s called:

Let’s Talk About Death (Over Dinner)

Don’t assume that your loved one doesn’t want to have this conversation. Often they don’t want to upset YOU and start these “difficult conversations”. Just ask. And it often takes more than one conversation. But if you start the conversation, each time your broach it, it may become easier. And Death Over Dinner is a tool that can help you have these difficult conversations.

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