How do you become a part of a community when you don’t even know that community exists? When your friends aren’t going through this experience at the same time you are, it’s easy to feel alone. Elizabeth Miller started on her caregiver journey doing what many do…googling. She first came across the term sandwich generation, which fit her circumstances, and then family caregiver. She had no idea she was a family caregiver. She just thought she was being a daughter. Putting things together on her own, she was struggling to take time for herself. And knew that it was important. She needed to figure out how to take care of herself through the process of caring for her kids and her parents.

Elizabeth documented her personal journey (a background in journalism comes in handy!). Starting with 100 days of healthy on Instagram, then blogging and podcasting, Elizabeth shares what worked for her and is now helping others. As a certified caregiver consultant, she wants to help you find ways to be a happy, healthy caregiver.

Find her at¬†as well as links to her social media. And check out the National Caregiving Conference, happening 11/8-11/11 in Chicago. There is a virtual attendance option for those who can’t get to Chicago. And look for Elizabeth’s book, which will be launching at the conference: Just for you: A Daily Self Care Journal

Other resources Elizabeth mentioned:

The Dutiful Daughter’s Guide to Caregiving by Judith Henry


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