Dr. Connie Ducaine, VP of Strategic Solutions, Vital Decisions

Vital Decisions is an organization that helps people with advanced illness figure out what their values so they can make decisions about their end of life care based on their preferences and priorities.

Their engagement rate is 60-70% of clients they do outreach calls to. They have supported over 100,000 clients and their families and healthcare providers by enabling patients to make informed choices, based on their wishes for themselves.

This program is available through insurance companies. How do you find out if you have access to their program?

  • call your insurance company and ask if they are working with Vital Decisions
  • If not, ask what services they have available to help with advanced care planning
  • Call Vital Decisions directly at 1-800-301-3984
  • You can also find Vital Decisions on LinkedIn

Dr. Ducaine is also doing research regarding how healthcare professionals who work with patients approaching the end of life are supported, and how this impacts burnout and sustainability.

What she has found is not rocket science. Providers who take care of themselves (and/or are well supported at work), suffer less burnout and can do the work longer than those who don’t.

This goes for family caregivers too. It is important to proactively create an environment which which supports your physical and emotional health, so you can be the best caregiver you can be.

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