It takes courage to give up your six figure career and hit the road in an RV. And that’s exactly what Kimberly has done. She is on a mission to empower people to talk about death and end of life wishes. Through her death positive movement, she is learning that she is living well in the process.

Kimberly shares her personal story of loss, which was a reason for this leap of faith. She wrote a book:

Bridging The Gap: Life Lessons From the Dying

and has taken to the road to promote what she has learned.

Find out where you can see her as she travels the country in her RV with her German Shepherd, Raven. Check out the Live Well Die Well Tour   and find out where you can see Kimberly on the road. And check out her podcast Death by Design  and her TedX Talk

You can follow her on Linked In and Twitter as Kimberly C. Paul and on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as Live Well Die Well Tour

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