Palliative care does not equal dying. With 25 years as a palliative care physician, Dr. Michael Barbato has spent a lot of time helping people understand that palliative care can actually improve the quality of life. The focus is on providing relief of pain and stress caused by serious illness.

Being in this specialty area, Dr. Barbato has spent countless hours at the bedside of the dying. And what he has seen and learned from them fascinates him. And has taught him empathy and compassion.

He and his wife, Ann, teach others how to be at the bedside of the dying. Through their midwifing death course, they teach healthcare professionals and laypeople how to care for both the living and the dying. By helping them acknowledge their own beliefs and fears, they can then sit with the dying without judgement, and be present.

Michael believes that end of life visions and dreams can be healing messages not only to the dying, but family members as well. He and Ann teach others how to be present with quality; treating death as a natural phenomenon. And helping providers learn to ask non-clinical questions, to help the dying and their families through the process.

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