The death of her father shocked Ann Neumann. Not that he died, but the first hand experience of death. Was his death “a good death”? This set her on a path to learn. And now she is on a path to enlighten others.

She shares her experiences in her book:

The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America

No matter what we do, the end is coming for us all. By writing and talking about this she is trying to take the morbidity out of death. We have been programmed to “fight”, but at what cost?

Ann believes systemic change is needed; that conversation isn’t enough. Learn more about:

  • the social injustice that exists in dying
  • the pluses and minuses of hospice
  • the financial impact on family caregivers
  • the need for better education and training for our medical providers
  • the need for policy changes to affect the above

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