When I saw that Cabot Creamery was sponsoring the Live Well Die Well Tour , I was curios. Roberta MacDonald, SVP of marketing for Cabot, joins me today to share their why.

Roberta MacDonald, SVP Cabot Cheese Coop

If you go to the Cabot website, you will find lots of resources, such as the book JoJo’s Answers About Death a book geared for children aged 5-9.

Check out Last Rights: Rescuing End of Life from the Medical System, a book authored by Roberta’s friend Stephen Kiernan.

You’ll also find that Cabot is a B-Corporation. Find out what that means, and why you should do business with them and other B-Corps.

Listen to this episode to find out:

  • What a Death Doula is, and where you can get certified to be one
  • Why you need one
  • Why farmers “get” death and dying
  • What Roberta thinks happens when we die

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