Ava Roy

Does life imitate art, or vice versa? Ava Roy and Courtney Walsh are members of We Players, a San Francisco based theater group. I talk with them about this, and more, in today’s episode. The play, Mother Lear uses the words of Shakespeare in this 2 actor production about a professional woman with dementia, and her daughter.

Courtney Walsh

This one act play, both intimate and personal, transitions to an interactive Act two. The cast of 2 open it up to the audience and encourage them to share their feelings. If you are a fan of Shakespeare being introduced to a difficult topic, or seeking knowledge about a difficult topic and become a fan of Shakespeare, you won’t be disappointed!

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • What the one thing in life is that we all share.
  • What King Lear and dementia have in common.
  • Why the arts are so important for patients with dementia.

Find out more about We Players and Mother Lear on the website weplayers.org

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