Dr. Susmita Pati, Chief Medical Program Advisor, The Alda Center for Communication Science

Do you remember Hawkeye Pierce? That doctor from M*A*S*H played by Alan Alda? He was a surgeon with great hands and wit, but (I think) with even better communication skills.

Alan became interested in communication when a life-long interest in science led to his hosting Scientific American Frontiers for 11 years on PBS. The Alda Center is the result of his combined interest in science and communication, and is celebrating a 1o year anniversary.

Dr. Susmita Pati, the chief medical advisor for the center, talks with me about their mission. And how they accomplish it. They use improvisation skills taught to actors to helps professional caregivers improve their skills.

Listen to today’s episode and find out:

  • how an acting workshop can improve your communication skills
  • why physicians (and other healthcare providers) often are not prepared to have difficult conversations with you
  • what you can do to improve communication with your healthcare provider

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