Lori LoCicero
Lisa Pahl, LCSW

Have you ever heard the phrase “the devil is in the details”? Well, THEY are right! Lori LoCicero learned the hard way. Lisa Pahl has learned from years of professional experience. Talking about end of life wishes ahead of time, makes things less stressful when death is near. Do you think you “have your affairs in order”? You may well not. There is a lot to consider about your own death.

Lori and Lisa have created a game called The Death Deck to help you break the ice and start those difficult conversations with loved ones. And also get you thinking. They use humor to ease the tension, and it works.

Listen and learn:

  • If you “have your affairs in order”
  • why you should “get your affairs in order”, no matter how old you are
  • something I will NEVER do!

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