Palliative Care Improving the Patient Experience

Why do physicians feel unprepared to initiate conversations about end of life wishes and palliative care with their patients? I talked with two recent medical school graduates to gain some insight. And what I found out was both interesting and hopeful.

  • Hear what medical students are asking for more of in their training
  • Learn about goal of care discussions
  • Understand why lack of communication is costly to both patients and providers
  • Find out how palliative care can help improve the patient experience

Check out the documentary, Extremis on Netflix, to see first hand why communicating your wishes is so important:

A special thank you to Dr. Brian Emmert and Dr. Danielle Qing, recent grads of The Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell for sharing their thoughts and experience. Best of luck to you both as your begin your journey!

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