Lisa Linfield, CFP

When we take time off from work to care for our families, whether it’s to raise children or care for an aging parent, many of us don’t realize the long-term financial impact this has. This impact has a steam roller effect, which can last the rest of your life.

When you can’t cut out any more “extras” from your expenses, the only option is to earn more. Learning how to generate additional income into retirement is going to be a necessity for most of us. But how?

Lisa Linfield is a Certified Financial Planner, on a mission to teach one million women about money. Listen to this episode to find out from Lisa:

  • What percentage of us will have enough money to live in the same manner as we did before we retire (it’s scary…)
  • When is the right time to start a new business?
  • Why, even if you do have enough money, you should consider a side hustle?
  • How do you even get started?

Check out her course to learn how to start your own side hustle and earn more money. Enrollment begins August 6th!

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