Dr. Kathryn Mannix

It seems that no one sees “normal dying” anymore. The news and social media focus on tragic and unusual deaths. We don’t talk about death and dying because it scares people and makes them uncomfortable.

Having the dying process described to you is way less terrifying than what you can conjure up in your own mind. In fact, it can be comforting. Just ask Dr. Kathryn Mannix’s patients. Even physicians can learn from her. They can be so busy trying to stop death, that they don’t “see” the pattern of approaching death. And see how intrinsically calming recognizing this pattern can be to a family.

She has been helping people navigate end of life and death for decades, and “is on a mission to reclaim public understanding of dying”. Her book With the End in Mind is an anthology of stories that clearly demonstrates her work. And I can’t recommend this book enough! To both healthcare professionals AND the general public.

Find out in today’s episode:

  • How death is like birth
  • What Cognitive Behavior Therapy is
  • Why knowing what to expect can make the experience easier

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