Donna O’Donnell Figurski

Every day people get thrust into the role of family caregiver. Sometimes it’s a slow acclimatization, sometimes it’s like getting shot out of a cannon. Life can change on a dime. Would you know what to do if a medical emergency happened to a close family member?

It’s not a given that you won’t become a family caregiver until something happens to one of your parents. This is one of the lessons of this story. Donna O’Donnell Figurski never thought it would happen to her. She talks today about the struggles (and triumphs) she and her husband encountered as he suffered and they recovered from a traumatic brain injury caused by a hemorrhage (stroke).

The other lesson? People often don’t even recognize that they ARE family caregivers! Listen to Donna discuss her experience and her book, Prisoners Without Bars

Donna share what she learned from their experience, as well as two tips to family caregivers. Listen in and find out what can help you through the challenges.

Find out more about Donna Figurski and her work with traumatic brain injury here: where you’ll find links to her blog and radio show, Another Fork in the Road

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And find out here how you can help yourself, as well as why you should, even if you’re not a family caregiver (yet).

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