Self care for the caregiver, even in the rain!

I’ve been a professional caregiver for the last 35 years. I realized recently that I have also been a “professional” family caregiver for the better part of the last 17 years. I don’t work in a bubble, teamwork is everything. But in spite of my professional knowledge, it’s amazing the things that can happen that you aren’t quite prepared for. I honestly don’t know how families with non-medically trained people manage.

Listen today to learn from my most recent caregiving experience. I’m going to share with you 5 (no, 6) things you should know about providing care to a family member after major surgery.

In addition, there are some things happening in the month of October that you should know about:

And although not in October, I will be attending the End Well Symposium, happening in San Francisco on December 5th. Learn more about it here: End Well with Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider_056, and JOIN US!!

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