Julianne McDevitt RN

I love to talk to nurses. We practice in all areas of healthcare, so you can find a nurse to talk to for just about anything. Julianne is an expert RN, end of life doula, and advance care planning facilitator. She can help individuals identify their personal goals, options, and choices when it comes to end of life.

Listen today to learn:

  • What an end of life (death) doula is
  • What advance care planning facilitators are and how they can help you and your family
  • How many people over aged 65 will arrive in a hospital unable to speak for themselves, i.e. why this conversation is so important…
  • When YOU (we) should start advance care planning

Find Julianne here:

juliannemcdevitt.com and Facebook


The Story of LaCrosse WI (episode 15 of engAGING Conversations)

Being Mortal by Atul Gwande

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