Jeri Kraus, RN
Geriatric Nurse Consultant

Planning ahead is important. But how do you plan ahead when you don’t know what you need? You enlist the help of a geriatric nurse consultant.

Jeri has spent her nursing career in the end of life space. From an early age, she was drawn to work with the elderly. And some personal experiences with dementia and death further fueled her passion. She offers her expertise as a geriatric care consultant on today’s show.

Tune in to today’s episode and learn:

  • What a geriatric nurse consultant is
  • Why you would need one
  • Why it’s important to talk about choices before the need arises
  • Why your aging/dying loved one needs an advocate
  • Learn some strategies for communicating with your loved one with dementia
  • How to find a geriatric nurse consultant

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