Want to read the sequel of a novel that was included in a Washington Post list of “12 novels that changed the world”? Then you MUST read this book. But I would encourage you to read the prequel “The House of God” first.

Samuel Shem, aka Stephen Bergman MD, wrote The House of God after surviving his medical residency. 40 years later, he reprises the characters for his most recent novel, Man’s 4th Best Hospital.

He says the best way to talk about history is through fictional writing. In Man’s 4th Best Hospital, he shares his observations for the need for healthcare reform, using the humor, enthusiasm, sadness, and honesty of some of the beloved characters from The House of God. This book will definitely give you an insiders view of what’s wrong with today’s healthcare system, and why physician (and nurse) burnout is so common.

Listen today and find out:

  • What the electronic medical record is really about
  • What he feels is missing in healthcare
  • What is is going to take to fix it
  • What unique class he teaches to NYU med students

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