Life is inevitable. And there are moments in life that define the path you take. BJ Miller had one of those life defining moments in college. He became disabled after an electrical injury. It was his experience as a patient that led him to become a physician. He was ready to give up on medicine after becoming disillusioned by our healthcare system, when he became aware of, and began practicing, palliative care.

BJ Miller, MD

On today’s episode, you’ll hear what BJ has to say about:

  • Mettle Health–online palliative care and coaching–how to work with your doctor to achieve YOUR goals of care
  • How medicine can work together with other disciplines to improve the things that can’t be fixed
  • How a crisis can move you (patient and family caregivers) to a place of new invention
  • Why he thinks Covid has created an opportunity to help more patients and families decrease suffering
  • Why it is important (on so many levels) to support family caregivers

And check out these resources:

A Beginner’s Guide To The End The Center for Dying and Living

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