Ken Stern is not only the host of a new podcast aiming to help family caregivers, he is a member of the Sandwich Generation. The new podcast, When I’m 64, is produced by The Longevity Project, an offshoot of the Stanford Center on Longevity. By sharing family caregiver stories, they hope to help other family caregivers understand that there are many ways to provide care and help our aging loved ones and the family caregivers.

The Stanford Center on Longevity is the world’s leading think tank on longevity. They understand that greater longevity brings greater challenges, especially because our society is not set up to assist with the needs of a larger, aging population. When I’m 64 is hoping to help.

Listen as I talk with Ken to hear:

  • How many family caregivers there are in the US
  • Why you should NOT feel alone if you are a family caregiver
  • What is needed to support family caregivers in longer-term roles as our society ages and lives longer
  • Why employers must support their employees in their family caregiving roles
  • What is needed to optimize longer lives
  • How conversations about this can help you and your family come up with solutions that work for you

And check out When I’m 64 to hear some beautiful caregiver stories that may help you in your journey!

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