You never know when you might become a family caregiver. Annette Berkovits never thought she would be in that role. In fact, at this point in her life, as a woman in her 70’s, she thought someone might be needing to care for her. Her story is one of resilience and support for her family. And exemplifies the importance of Advance Care Planning conversations for adults, at any age. She has written several books in various genres. In her most recent book, Erythra Thalassa, Brain Disrupted she shares her journey, via poetry, through her son’s devastating hemorrhagic stroke.

Listen today and hear Annette talk about:

  • The importance of books, music, fresh air, and most importantly, human interaction
  • Why the title, Erythra Thalassa
  • How important hope can be
  • Why it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the patient
  • The importance of enjoying the little things

And check out the song her son, Jeremy wrote for his wife and daughters:

The Time I Spend With You

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