Terry Lyn and Dave Fountain

Terry Lyn Fountain has a great outlook on life. As you listen to her speak you can tell she is an optimist. And she is also an realist. She is a 78 year old cancer survivor. She has a husband for whom she provides care. She is also an essential oil user and a new dōTERRA wellness advocate.

She shares her experiences today. On today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Why it’s important to put yourself first
  • Palliative care and/or integrative medicine
  • How she developed a partnership with her medical doctors to incorporate the use of essential oils
  • What health benefits she and her husband have experienced since starting to use dōTERRA essential oils
  • How many prescription medications she has been taken off of since she began using essential oils
  • One great piece of advice she has when it comes to visits with your doctors

Get in touch with Terry here: tlfnotary4@gmail.com

Links to Resources:


MD Anderson Cancer Center

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