People like to talk about finances about as much (or maybe less) than they like talking about death. But it is HUGELY important to know what your parents finances. And hopefully before you take on the role of family caregiver.

I’m talking with Ryan McEniff today and he’s talking to me about this topic. Ryan is the owner/CEO of Minute Women HomeCare in Lexington, MA and host of the podcast The Caregiver’s Toolbox. We are sharing our platforms to help get the word out about the need to have conversations with your parents early and often. We touch on many different issues related to finances and aging. Re-listening to this has given ME anxiety! But avoiding this topic doesn’t make the issues related to it go away. And putting these conversations off until your family is in crisis WILL NOT help you.

Listen and learn about:

  • What home care can cost
  • What nursing home care can cost
  • Why you need to be proactive to help your parent. AND yourself
  • Where you can find resources to help you navigate this time


Five Wishes, The National Aging in Place Council, Act III, NAIPC

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