Flying and Tithing are Related How?

Take care of yourselves first, ladies. “Put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others”. I don’t know how often you fly, but this statement is made during the pre-flight briefing every time. A similar reference can be made for tithing. Give your first 10%.  These statements are so relevant for self care. As women and moms, we are often responsible (or feel like we are) for the well being of our families. We have to make sure the kids have everything they need, get to where they need to be, meals are prepared, the house is clean, AND go to work. Husbands/dads are usually the accomplices, but we are the orchestrators. And it can be overwhelming.

Happy Nurses Week

Nurses week this year has brought up some emotions for me. Historically, this week is not a big deal to us. Nurses are “celebrated” by their employer with some trinket or cookout acknowledging everything we do to make them look good. In reality, nothing we do is to make our employer look good. We take care of people, because that’s what we do. And most of us take great care of people.