The Devoted Daughter with Kelli Bradley_049

Kelli is a devoted daughter. She became a caregiver for her mom when she was in her 20’s and her Mom was in her 50’s. She also had a 16 year old brother at the time. She didn’t know she was a family caregiver, she just thought she was doing what daughter’s do.

Her years of caregiving exposed her to so many issues other family caregivers come across, that she changed careers to help others. After 11 years operating a home care business, she has branched out yet again. Her online company, offers resources and support for other family caregivers.

Kelli tells us what she thinks is the number one issue that affects families. She’ll also share with you some other tips for making this time of life easier for you and your loved ones.

Stay tuned for her book Always Her Daughter , coming out in March.

You can find Kelli on her website The Devoted Daughter on Instagram and Facebook. Or you can email her directly at

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About Dying in America with Ann Neumann_048

The death of her father shocked Ann Neumann. Not that he died, but the first hand experience of death. Was his death “a good death”? This set her on a path to learn. And now she is on a path to enlighten others.

In her book, The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America  she shares her experiences as a hospice volunteer.

No matter what we do, the end is coming for us all. By writing and talking about this she is trying to take the morbidity out of death. We have been programmed to “fight”, but at what cost?

Ann believes systemic change is needed; that conversation isn’t enough. Learn more about:

  • the social injustice that exists in dying
  • the pluses and minuses of hospice
  • the financial impact on family caregivers
  • the need for better education and training for our medical providers
  • the need for policy changes to affect the above

You can follow Ann on Twitter @otherspoon

or email her at

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Elder Care Attorney, Caregiver, Author and Speaker Cathy Sikorski_047

There are so many things you don’t know that you don’t know when it comes to aging. That’s why it’s so important to hire an elder care attorney.

Elder attorneys are not estate attorneys. Elder attorneys are for the living. Estate attorneys are for the dead. Listen to Cathy explain just a few of the reasons you should enlist the services of an elder care attorney. You’ll find out:

  • Who needs a Power of Attorney (both medical and financial)
  • Why you should have an alternate power of attorney
  • What can happen if you don’t
  • What filial support laws are and why you should know about them
  • Why urinary tract infections came up in this episode

Find out more about Cathy on her website

Her books: Showering with Nana: Confessions of a Serial Caregiver

Who Moved My Teeth: Preparing for Self, Loved Ones, and Caregiving

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Palliative Care and Midwifing Death with Dr. Michael Barbato_046

Palliative care does not equal dying. With 25 years as a palliative care physician, Dr. Michael Barbato has spent a lot of time helping people understand that palliative care can actually improve the quality of life. The focus is on providing relief of pain and stress caused by serious illness.

Being in this specialty area, Dr. Barbato has spent countless hours at the bedside of the dying. And what he has seen and learned from them fascinates him. And has taught him empathy and compassion.

He and his wife, Ann, teach others how to be at the bedside of the dying. Through their midwifing death course, they teach healthcare professionals and laypeople how to care for both the living and the dying. By helping them acknowledge their own beliefs and fears, they can then sit with the dying without judgement, and be present.

Michael believes that end of life visions and dreams can be healing messages not only to the dying, but family members as well. He and Ann teach others how to be present with quality; treating death as a natural phenomenon. And helping providers learn to ask non-clinical questions, to help the dying and their families through the process.

Find out more about their work and where to find his books at Midwifing Death

Or email him directly @

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Check out today. Their services are for family caregivers and are diverse so you can pick and choose what you need. Some of the services they offer are:

Find them on Social Media too



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