Welcome Back Update_095

Hey Stranger, where ya been? I know I’ve been in absentia for the better part of the last 3 months and really my only excuse is…Covid.

No, I didn’t have it, but I have been struggling with thoughts about what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. As we all know, life has changed. And in some ways for the better. So I thought I’d fill you in on my summer, and where engAGING Conversations is headed.

Stay tuned and find out more about:

And thank you.

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Man’s 4th Best Hospital with Samuel Shem_094

Want to read the sequel of a novel that was included in a Washington Post list of “12 novels that changed the world”? Then you MUST read this book. But I would encourage you to read the prequel “The House of God” first.

Samuel Shem, aka Stephen Bergman MD, wrote The House of God after surviving his medical residency. 40 years later, he reprises the characters for his most recent novel, Man’s 4th Best Hospital.

He says the best way to talk about history is through fictional writing. In Man’s 4th Best Hospital, he shares his observations for the need for healthcare reform, using the humor, enthusiasm, sadness, and honesty of some of the beloved characters from The House of God. This book will definitely give you an insiders view of what’s wrong with today’s healthcare system, and why physician (and nurse) burnout is so common.

Listen today and find out:

  • What the electronic medical record is really about
  • What he feels is missing in healthcare
  • What is is going to take to fix it
  • What unique class he teaches to NYU med students

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Joan Lunden (yes THAT Joan Lunden!) Talks Aging_093

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden is a well-known, influential public figure and author. I talk with her today about her family caregiver experience, as well as her newest book Why Did I Come Into This Room? an honest look into what it’s like to be an aging woman.

Listen today to hear:

  • Why Joan is the national spokesperson for A Place for Mom
  • How to start a conversation with your parents
  • What’s the secret of life? (According to Joan’s mom)
  • Why you should write your own eulogy and obituary
  • Why we need to talk candidly about changes associated with aging

Find out more about Joan Lunden find her other books, and follow her on social media Facebook Instagram Twitter

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Care.ly, with Mike Eidsaune_092

Mike Eidsaune, CEO/Founder Care.ly

Do you have a loved one in an assisted living or long-term care facility? If you do, you need to listen to this episode. Mike Eidsaune, founder and CEO of Care.ly, tells about this communication tool.

Find out:

  • What Care.ly is
  • Who it is for
  • How it can be used to improve communication
  • Why it is beneficial to not only families, but professional caregivers

Links to Resources:



Brookdale Senior Living Communities

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Anatomical Donation with Mark Zavoyna_091

Many of us have talked about end of life wishes. I’m willing to bet though, that many have never considered anatomical donation as an option.

Mark Zavoyna is the Operations Manager of the Anatomical Donor Program at Georgetown University School of Medicine. Listen and learn today:

  • What is anatomical donation
  • Who can donate?
  • Who cannot donate?
  • Why you would donate
  • Associated costs

Need more information?

Do an internet search state of Florida anatomy board–they have a comprehensive list of US donor sites, contact a nearby medical school’s department of medicine (anatomy), or email Mark

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