ReImagine End of Life with Brad Wolfe_082

Brad Wolfe, Founder
ReImagine End Of Life

Who wants to party?!? There is a BIG festival happening in San Francisco October 24th-November 3rd. Did I mention it’s a death festival? Its’ actually a festival to get people talking about death, in an effort that we may live more fully in the present. Doesn’t that sound awesome???

Listen today to find out more about:

If you want a festival in your city, contact ReImagine End of Life

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And check out This Party’s Dead with Erica Buist_064

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Here We Go Again, A Caregiver Story_081

Self care for the caregiver, even in the rain!

I’ve been a professional caregiver for the last 35 years. I realized recently that I have also been a “professional” family caregiver for the better part of the last 17 years. I don’t work in a bubble, teamwork is everything. But in spite of my professional knowledge, it’s amazing the things that can happen that you aren’t quite prepared for. I honestly don’t know how families with non-medically trained people manage.

Listen today to learn from my most recent caregiving experience. I’m going to share with you 5 (no, 6) things you should know about providing care to a family member after major surgery.

In addition, there are some things happening in the month of October that you should know about:

And although not in October, I will be attending the End Well Symposium, happening in San Francisco on December 5th. Learn more about it here: End Well with Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider_056, and JOIN US!!

Planning a Funeral with John Manke RN_079

John Manke RN
owner/funeral director
Manke Memorial

There are SO many things to consider when planning a funeral, why do most of us not plan ahead? It’s traumatic enough when a loved one dies, why do we wait until it happens to figure out the specifics, when time could be better spent supporting each other in our grief?

John Manke, RN and funeral director, gives us a tutorial regarding things to consider when planning a funeral. There are more things to consider than you might think. And how do you know what your loved one would have wanted if they never told you?

Listen to today’s episode and learn about:

  • disposition of the body
  • organ/tissue donation
  • options for ceremonies
  • death benefits
  • why you need to do your homework (and save money!)
  • what can happen if you don’t plan

John’s business Manke Memorial is happy to help if you are located in North Jersey. Find out more about organ and tissue donation at The Sharing Network

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Elder Guardianship Abuse Update with Dr. Sam Sugar_078

Dr. Sam Sugar

Probate court guardianship was set up to protect people from family members out to take advantage of them. What has happened, however, is that SOME court appointed guardians have figured out how to work the system, and take advantage of elders with assets.

Dr. Sam Sugar says ageism is to blame, in part. Squabbling families feed into this. Our legal system is supposed to help people who can’t get it from other sources. But court appointed guardianship can be quite the opposite.

He and his organization Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship, are on a mission to educate, advocate, and legislate to change this.

Listen today to find out:

  • What is equity/probate court?
  • How can elder guardianship abuse happen?
  • How many people may be affected by this…?
  • What is incapacity, and how can this effect an outcome?
  • What can you do to prevent this happening to you or someone you love?
  • Why once court appointed guardianship has been established, it can be extremely difficult to expunge…

Find out more here:

Guardianship Abuse and the Elderly : The Perfect Crime

The Guardians

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Death with Dignity Part Four with Senator Will Brownsberger_077

Massachusetts State Senator Will Brownsberger

There are seven states plus Washington DC, where Death with Dignity is currently legal. There are bills pending in seven other states, including Massachusetts. State Senator Will Brownsberger talks today about pending legislation there. And once again, you’ll see that there is often a personal story for someone winding up in this end of life space.

It’s called different things in different places. Here in Massachusetts, the bill is titles S.1208 End of Life Options. In Colorado, the home of my last 3 guests, it called Medical Aid in Dying. Regardless of it’s name, it allows physicians to legally prescribe medication that a terminally ill individual can self-administer, to hasten their death.

It’s controversial, and definitely not for some (most I would guess). But for the select group of competent individuals who choose it, I believe it should be legal. Listen and learn:

  • Why Senator Brownsberger is an advocate
  • What the barriers are, even in state where it’s legal
  • What you can do to promote legislation in your state

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