Massachusetts State Senator Will Brownsberger

There are seven states, plus Washington DC, where Death with Dignity is currently legal. There are bills pending in seven other states. Massachusetts is one of them. Massachusetts States Senator Will Brownsberger tells us about the bill there. And once again, you will see, that there is often a personal reason why people are in this end of life space.

It’s called different things in different places. Here in Massachusetts, the bill is titled S.1208 End of Life Options. In Colorado, the home of my last 3 guests, it’s called Medical Aid In Dying. Regardless of it’s name, it allows physicians to legally prescribe medication that a terminally ill individual can self-administer to hasten their death.

It’s controversial, and definitely not for some (for most I would imagine). But for the select group of competent people who choose it, I believe it should be allowed. Listen in and learn:

  • Why Senator Brownsberger is an advocate
  • what the barriers are even in states where it is legal
  • what you can do to promote legislation in your state

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