Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period with Christian Worstell_109

Christian Worstell

Christian Worstell is a licensed insurance agent, senior staff writer for, and Medicare expert. I talk with him today about Medicare and all it’s moving parts, including the annual enrollment period which runs from October 15th-December 7th every year.

Listen to today’s episode and learn:

  • The different types of Medicare coverage
  • About the Annual Enrollment Period
  • Things beneficiaries should be aware of during AEP that can be costly if you don’t pay attention
  • Advice and tips on how seniors can choose the best plan for their needs
  • Benefits covered by Medicare that beneficiaries may not be aware of
  • Why you should care about this if you’re not on Medicare

Other resources to help you navigate Medicare:

Find a licensed insurance agent

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

Annual Notice of Change

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Dying with Dad, with Yvonne Caputo_112

Teacher, author, corporate trainer, psychotherapist, and author Yvonne Caputo, shares her family caregiver story with us today. Through experiences with her professional life, she was able to have difficult conversations with her father that changed their relationship, and ultimately honored his end of life wishes.

Listen to our talk today and learn more about:

  • The MOST important thing we can do to improve communication with our parents
  • The Five Wishes Document
  • Quality of Life
  • How to Pick your Health Care Agent/Proxy

And where to find out more about Yvonne Caputo and her books:

Flying with Dad

Dying with Dad

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Sandwiched with Laurie James_111

Laurie Jame

How does one manage when you have 4 girls between 10 and 15 years of age and your mom has a life changing medical issue? Why you become sandwiched, of course. Laurie James shares her experience with us today. And the struggles are real.

Listen to our talk today and find out why it’s so important to advocate for your loved ones, even if it means being the “squeaky wheel”. Other things you MUST know:

  • Why you need to do your homework when your are bringing caregivers into your home
  • The importance of having conversations about finances with your parents (AND YOUR KIDS)
  • Why YOU must have Power of Attorney/Health Care Proxy documentation in place
  • Ask for a palliative care consultation (even if you think it means Hospice–it doesn’t!)
  • Life is short, and if you are not fulfilled, find someone who can help you get where you want to be!!
  • What is the difference between having a coach and a therapist


Sandwiched: A Memoir of Holding On And Letting Go

Laurie’s Coaching Services

Social Media links: FB InstaGram

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A Way Back to Health with Kelley Skoloda_110

Personal stories are so important. Sharing our agonies and defeats as well as our wins can help others when they find themselves in similar situations. Kelley Skoloda shares her story today. She was a busy, healthy, active businesswoman, wife and Mom when she was diagnosed with cancer. She wrote a book, A Way Back to Health: 12 Lessons From a Cancer Survivor which she talks about with me. Listen and find o

  • How important colon cancer screening is
  • Why it’s so important to advocate for yourself, or have a family caregiver advocate for you
  • That it’s ok to interview your potential physician
  • How gratitude can help even on the worst of days

Find Kelly’s books here:

A Way Back to Health:12 Lessons From A Cancer Survivor

Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to Multi-Minding Women

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108_Talking Senior Care and Finances with Ryan McEniff

People like to talk about finances about as much (or maybe less) than they like talking about death. But it is HUGELY important to know what your parents finances. And hopefully before you take on the role of family caregiver.

I’m talking with Ryan McEniff today and he’s talking to me about this topic. Ryan is the owner/CEO of Minute Women HomeCare in Lexington, MA and host of the podcast The Caregiver’s Toolbox. We are sharing our platforms to help get the word out about the need to have conversations with your parents early and often. We touch on many different issues related to finances and aging. Re-listening to this has given ME anxiety! But avoiding this topic doesn’t make the issues related to it go away. And putting these conversations off until your family is in crisis WILL NOT help you.

Listen and learn about:

  • What home care can cost
  • What nursing home care can cost
  • Why you need to be proactive to help your parent. AND yourself
  • Where you can find resources to help you navigate this time


Five Wishes, The National Aging in Place Council, Act III, NAIPC

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