Embracing the Inevitable with Julianne McDevitt RN_086

Julianne McDevitt RN

I love to talk to nurses. We practice in all areas of healthcare, so you can find a nurse to talk to for just about anything. Julianne is an expert RN, end of life doula, and advance care planning facilitator. She can help individuals identify their personal goals, options, and choices when it comes to end of life.

Listen today to learn:

  • What an end of life (death) doula is
  • What advance care planning facilitators are and how they can help you and your family
  • How many people over aged 65 will arrive in a hospital unable to speak for themselves, i.e. why this conversation is so important…
  • When YOU (we) should start advance care planning

Find Julianne here:

juliannemcdevitt.com and Facebook


The Story of LaCrosse WI (episode 15 of engAGING Conversations)

Being Mortal by Atul Gwande

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End of Life with Barbara Karnes RN_085

Barbara Karnes RN

Are we taking better care of our dying family members than we were 30 years ago? It’s a question I ask end of life expert, Barbara Karnes RN on today’s episode. She has been in this space, almost since the beginning of the movement, so she should know better than anyone.

Find out the answer to this question and more:

  • What is the key to reducing fear when talking about death?
  • Are families well supported by hospice today?
  • What is the most common way we die?
  • Is death painful?

Find Barbara on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube

And get her booklets:

Gone From My Sight–The Hospice Blue Book

Pain At End of Life

and other resources on her website

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Hey, I’m Back!_084

After a holiday hiatus, I’m back to let you know what’g going on here at engAGING Conversations, and to ask for your help and prayers for the people of Puerto Rico (Listen. It will make sense). Happy New Year!

If you would like to know where to send donations for Puerto Rico, send me an email: sheryl@sherylsmithrn.com. Thank you/Muchas gracias

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Status Update and Happy Thanksgiving_083

Have you been wondering where I am? I apologize for my absence. It was not planned. It just kind of happened.

Listen in today to find out what’s going on behind the scenes. Find out where I’m going next week, (End Well Symposium) and how you can go too!

I’m looking forward to meeting several people who I have already interviewed here on engAGING Conversations:

and a few I hope to get the opportunity to interview:

All of whom are speaking at the event!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Please consider 2 things this week:

  • Start the conversation with your family this Thanksgiving.
  • Help end senior hunger in America and make a donation to Meals on Wheels

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ReImagine End of Life with Brad Wolfe_082

Brad Wolfe, Founder
ReImagine End Of Life

Who wants to party?!? There is a BIG festival happening in San Francisco October 24th-November 3rd. Did I mention it’s a death festival? Its’ actually a festival to get people talking about death, in an effort that we may live more fully in the present. Doesn’t that sound awesome???

Listen today to find out more about:

If you want a festival in your city, contact ReImagine End of Life

Follow them on Facebook Instagram

And check out This Party’s Dead with Erica Buist_064

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