, with Mike Eidsaune_092

Mike Eidsaune, CEO/Founder

Do you have a loved one in an assisted living or long-term care facility? If you do, you need to listen to this episode. Mike Eidsaune, founder and CEO of, tells about this communication tool.

Find out:

  • What is
  • Who it is for
  • How it can be used to improve communication
  • Why it is beneficial to not only families, but professional caregivers

Links to Resources:


Brookdale Senior Living Communities

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Anatomical Donation with Mark Zavoyna_091

Many of us have talked about end of life wishes. I’m willing to bet though, that many have never considered anatomical donation as an option.

Mark Zavoyna is the Operations Manager of the Anatomical Donor Program at Georgetown University School of Medicine. Listen and learn today:

  • What is anatomical donation
  • Who can donate?
  • Who cannot donate?
  • Why you would donate
  • Associated costs

Need more information?

Do an internet search state of Florida anatomy board–they have a comprehensive list of US donor sites, contact a nearby medical school’s department of medicine (anatomy), or email Mark

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The Conversation Project with Kate DeBartolo_090

Kate DeBartolo

How do you want to live? The goal of The Conversation Project is to get people talking about this. And they are using the non-medical community to get these conversations started. The focus is on values, not medical terminology.

Kate DeBartolo, who oversees the Conversation Project, shares her expertise with us about having end of life conversations. Find out more on today’s episode:

  • The effects of end of life conversations on depression rates
  • Who should have these conversations
  • When they should have them
  • What is it about dying home that is important to people
  • What role does a loved one play as a proxy or healthcare advocate

find out what resources are available here:

The Conversation Project Find them on Facebook , Twitter, YouTube

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Aimee Gindin, Journalist, Daughter, Family Caregiver_089

A daughter’s plea: Doctors must stop shirking palliative care. No beating around the bush there. A great article about Aimee’s experience as a family caregiver for her Dad.

Aimee Gindin

Aimee shares her experience today as well as suggestions for making things better for all. Listen and learn about:

  • Barriers to Palliative Care
  • Goals of Care Conversations
  • Five Wishes
  • Why adult medicine should be practiced like pediatrics

Follow Aimee on Twitter and find her soon at

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Geriatric Nurse Consultant and Dementia Practitioner, Jeri Kraus RN_088

Jeri Kraus, RN
Geriatric Nurse Consultant

Planning ahead is important. But how do you plan ahead when you don’t know what you need? You enlist the help of a geriatric nurse consultant.

Jeri has spent her nursing career in the end of life space. From an early age, she was drawn to work with the elderly. And some personal experiences with dementia and death further fueled her passion. She offers her expertise as a geriatric care consultant on today’s show.

Tune in to today’s episode and learn:

  • What a geriatric nurse consultant is
  • Why you would need one
  • Why it’s important to talk about choices before the need arises
  • Why your aging/dying loved one needs an advocate
  • Learn some strategies for communicating with your loved one with dementia
  • How to find a geriatric nurse consultant

Find Jeri on LinkedIn

Find out more about EndWell

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