Physicians Untold Stories with Dr. Scott Kolbaba_068

Dr. Scott Kolbaba

Why would physicians with successful practices and good reputations share experiences that can’t be explained by science? Dr. Scott Kolbaba shares the answer and their stories in his Amazon bestseller book, Physicians Untold Stories.

This may seem a bit off topic, but trust me, it’s not! Listen to Dr. Kolbaba share a few of the stories and find out about:

  • coincidences…or not…
  • premonitions/visions
  • HOPE!

Follow Dr. Kolbaba at PhysiciansUntoldStories.com or on Facebook as the book becomes a television show. And stay tuned for book 2!

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16 Week Side Hustle Challenge with Lisa Linfield_067

Lisa Linfield, CFP

When we take time off from work to care for our families, whether it’s to raise children or care for an aging parent, many of us don’t realize the long-term financial impact this has. This impact has a steam roller effect, which can last the rest of your life.

When you can’t cut out any more “extras” from your expenses, the only option is to earn more. Learning how to generate additional income into retirement is going to be a necessity for most of us. But how?

Lisa Linfield is a Certified Financial Planner, on a mission to teach one million women about money. Listen to this episode to find out from Lisa:

  • What percentage of us will have enough money to live in the same manner as we did before we retire (it’s scary…)
  • When is the right time to start a new business?
  • Why, even if you do have enough money, you should consider a side hustle?
  • How do you even get started?

Check out her course to learn how to start your own side hustle and earn more money. Enrollment begins August 6th! workingwomenswealth.com

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Torchlight with Lenore Tracey_066

Eldercare Practice Leader at Torchlight, Lenore Tracey is on the show today. She explains what Torchlight is and does in ways that employees and employers should understand and seek more of.

Find out about Torchlight:

  • The services they provide
  • Why their services are good for not only the employee but the employer, and all of us
  • How you can advocate for yourself and your family as caregivers
  • Why these types of services are important to to our aging society

Find out more at Torchlight.care , listen to their podcast Eldercare Illuminated, and follow them on social media:

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Palliative Care Education for Physicians with Dr. Brian Emmert and Dr. Danielle Qing_065

Palliative Care Improving the Patient Experience

Why do physicians feel unprepared to initiate conversations about end of life wishes and palliative care with their patients? I talked with two recent medical school graduates to gain some insight. And what I found out was both interesting and hopeful.

  • Hear what medical students are asking for more of in their training
  • Learn about goal of care discussions
  • Understand why lack of communication is costly to both patients and providers
  • Find out how palliative care can help improve the patient experience

Check out the documentary, Extremis on Netflix, to see first hand why communicating your wishes is so important:

A special thank you to Dr. Brian Emmert and Dr. Danielle Qing, recent grads of The Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell for sharing their thoughts and experience. Best of luck to you both as your begin your journey!

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This Party’s Dead with Erica Buist_064

Erica Buist

How do you overcome your fear of death? If you’re Erica Buist, you attend 7 death festivals around the world where cultures celebrate death. Not to say they don’t fear it like the rest of us. They just see death as a normal part of life.

In today’s episode, you will find out:

  • What agoraphobia is and 3 ways to help overcome it
  • Why an academy award winning Disney movie can help you understand a “death-tival”
  • How you can join Erica on her journey to the last 3 death festivals she is writing about

Pre-order Erica’s book here:

This Party’s Dead and follow her on social media:

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