Medicare’s annual election period runs from October 15-December 7. It’s mid-September now. This is an important PSA that can save your family thousands of dollars, hours of stress, and many sleepless nights. Danielle Kunkle knows her stuff. And she knows how to help you and/or your parents. Medicare is complex. It has many moving parts. You have to know:

  • when to enroll
  • what choices are “permanent”
  • what can be changed annually
  • why you would want to change your options
  • when these changes can occur

We all get SO much junk mail. If you or your parents are enrolled in Medicare, make sure to look for the Annual Notice of Change , coming to you or their mailbox soon (mid-September). This is an annual opportunity to make sure you have the coverage you need. Premiums go up, coverage of specific drugs can be eliminated, and physicians may leave a plan, which can have a huge impact on out of pocket costs.  So pay attention. And if you have questions, ask. Look at resources  listed here:

 Medicare’s plan finder tool

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