108_Talking Senior Care and Finances with Ryan McEniff

People like to talk about finances about as much (or maybe less) than they like talking about death. But it is HUGELY important to know what your parents finances. And hopefully before you take on the role of family caregiver.

I’m talking with Ryan McEniff today and he’s talking to me about this topic. Ryan is the owner/CEO of Minute Women HomeCare in Lexington, MA and host of the podcast The Caregiver’s Toolbox. We are sharing our platforms to help get the word out about the need to have conversations with your parents early and often. We touch on many different issues related to finances and aging. Re-listening to this has given ME anxiety! But avoiding this topic doesn’t make the issues related to it go away. And putting these conversations off until your family is in crisis WILL NOT help you.

Listen and learn about:

  • What home care can cost
  • What nursing home care can cost
  • Why you need to be proactive to help your parent. AND yourself
  • Where you can find resources to help you navigate this time


Five Wishes, The National Aging in Place Council, Act III, NAIPC

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A Talk WithThe Dementia Whisperer, Laura Wayman_107

Did you know that dementia is not a diagnosis, but rather a list symptoms? And that 50% of those over 65 can have one of these symptoms? What is a dementia whisper and how does one become one? Laura Wayman has spent decades in the memory care space. Her book A Loving Approach to Dementia Care now in its 3rd edition, is a resource for us all. She talks with us today about her experiences and expertise. 

Learn about:

  • becoming dementia aware and why it is essential
  • how to effectively communicate with a loved one with dementia
  • caregiver burnout
  • managing dementia symptoms
  • dementia navigators

Check out Laura’s video here: Inside the mind of someone with dementia

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106_Loving Choices, Peaceful Passing with Kathleen Vallee Stein

Kathleen Vallée Stein is a baby boomer. And so are her siblings. If you were raised in the 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s, your father often had the final say about everything. And many ruled with an iron hand. When her Dad was facing end of life, it was difficult to reverse rolls. And her Mom was not in a position to take the lead. So what do you do? Kathleen’s experiences led her to write a beautiful book, Loving Choices, Peaceful Passing: Why my Family Chose Hospice.

We talked about her experience as a family caregiver. Listen today as we discuss:

  • How to start an end of life conversation with your parent when your parent “ruled the roost”
  • Why you might need to start the conversation about hospice
  • Divide and conquer (if you have siblings) is a great strategy
  • Why it is so important to talk to your parents about finances
  • Reasons to consider a hospice chaplain
  • And why it is SO important to do these things before your parent is dying


The Five Wishes, Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care, Comfort Care,

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Using Essential Oils for Neuropathic Pain, with Kami Schaal RN_105

Kami Schaal is a career RN. She spent over a decade working in an ICU, in a level 1 trauma center in Philadelphia. She’s seen it all. She transitioned to home care/hospice case management and says the transition wasn’t difficult. She came to the use of essential oils with her family. Her academic background helps her understand them and confidently share them with others.

Listen today to hear about:

  • neuropathic pain
  • How it is (and is not) treated
  • Why you might want to learn more about the use of essential oils
  • Who can benefit from their use
  • and a bonus discussion about vaccines and things you may (or may not) know about them

Hear more from Kami on her new podcast:
The Imperfect Adventure

And find her here:

Her website: Family Wellness Warriors or on Facebook

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When Caregiving Calls with Dr. Aaron Blight_104

Dr. Aaron Blight has had a lifetime of caregiving experience. Both personal and professional. He took what he learned as a family caregiver and started a career in professional caregiving. His latest endeavor has taken him from the owner of a homecare business, to being the founder of Caregiving Kinetics, and author of When Caregiving Calls: Guidance as You Care for a Parent, Spouse, or Aging Relative.

Why should you listen? Because there are over 53 MILLION Americans providing unpaid care for a family member. And 83% of those caregivers are experience MORE stress with the onset of Covid-19. And chances are very good that if you are not already a family caregiver, you’re going to be.

We had a great conversation today about:

  • Some of the struggles family caregivers face
  • Unanticipated rewards of being a family caregiver
  • Suggestions for managing guilt/resentment family caregivers can feel
  • What dying teaches you about living
  • Why you should read his book

Find Aaron on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter

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